Arizer Solo is the portable vaporizer created by the Canadian brand Arizer, which is behind the success of Extreme Q and V-Tower. So you might get your hopes high with this one. But let's take a look at the overall opinion of the customers that they expressed through Arizer Solo reviews. Do they recommend it?

Reading reviews is the best way to find out the truth about a certain vaporizer. Sure, the manufacturer will always advertise it, but only customers can say if it's so flawless after all. When it comes to Arizer Solo, there are quite many customer reviews on shopping websites and blogs. Almost all of them offer enthusiastically an 5-Star Rating and customers recommend it to others as well.

The first thing that the Arizer Solo reviews mention is the ease of use. Beginners are thrilled to be able to use it immediately without reading time-wasting instruction manuals. Women are particularly pleased about its weight and compact size. It's easy to carry around everywhere and it fits discreetly in any purse.

Customers reveal that they were a bit concerned about the glass mouthpieces. But these proved to be highly resistant and no issues have been reported. This concern turned into a relief as the glass structure is very easy to clean. The whole structure is very solid and it doesn't seem to break easily. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand as it's smaller than a can of energy drink or a deodorant.

Another strong point that comes up often in the Arizer Solo reviews refers to the controllable temperature. Some people like to experiment with different herbs for medicinal purposes and the seven temperatures are ideal to volatilize the healing ingredients of them all. It doesn't take long to heat up any blend. In less than two minutes and a half, Arizer Solo can get to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200°C). But that's not even necessary as most herbs vaporize at level 3, 4 or 5. So Arizer Solo will be ready to show you what it can do in just a minute.


The taste will slightly vary according to the blend that you use, but the overall flavor has a clean and rich taste. It lacks that 'burned' sensation that some portable vaporizers trigger from time to time. This happens thanks to the smart heating method and ceramic heater. Customers also agree on the vapor production. The thick mist is odorless and satisfying even for a former heavy smoker.

Overall, customers are more than pleased with Arizer Solo. It's the portable version of Extreme Q and its features provide a great experience anywhere you might be. It's a recommended product that you can count on whenever you need a portable vaporizer.